The Prepare for College Program

Resources and information are dispersed to Prepare for College members during monthly small and large topic discussions.

The program begins in August of the Freshman year in high school to July of the next year, however, students are free to join at any time

Each month there are the following parts:

  • A posted small discussion on a chronological College to do list,
  • A posted large discussion topic
  • A downloaded note piece for each large discussion topic.
  • The Question and Answer section.
  • A library of additional presentations and eBooks

This “Do It Yourself” College Video Coaching platform operates on a chronological order. The order is a monthly posting of information. Ideally one should listen to all topics in order.

How Much Does it Cost?

                    *These rates do not change if you stay with Prepare For College through your child’s Senior year.

Prepare for College
$259.95 Annual Charge

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