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Large purchases are best made with the help of an expert. When buying a house, a real estate agent is entrusted to help you navigate the process for maximum financial gains. Of course, you can always buy on your own, but mistakes are costly and agents can often save you tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Similarly, the price of a college education in the U.S. has risen to astronomical numbers. So much so that an expert or guide is required to find the college that will be a perfect fit for your child and your budget. The college selection process can be approached in a variety of ways:


The Manual Method
These days there are seemingly unlimited resources available online. The challenge here is the amount of time required to search the Internet thoroughly for the information you seek.

The No-cost Method
Your child’s high school guidance counselor can be a fantastic resource. Some are quite skilled in their knowledge of the college process, however, some are not.

Higher-cost Method
An independent college counselor can also be an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire someone to help them with the college process.


Imagine paying one low annual or monthly amount and getting access to ALL the information you need to navigate your way through the college process.

Welcome to The PREPARE FOR COLLEGE Method!  We save you time and money by providing you with fantastic self-paced videos, created by top experts in the field, on everything related to the college process PLUS you get access to Q/A opportunities.  By following our advice, you will be able to pick a college that “FITS” your child academically and socially and your family financially!

By picking the right college at the right price, success can be achieved.


Each month there are new small & large discussion topics shared in video format. Students can submit questions which will be answered in the Q&A section.

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There has never been to date a more complete “How To” in any one place by a collection of professionals with over a hundred collective years of counseling experience. The titles speak for themselves as to the tremendous content. The titles are in chronological order for preparing for college. Just reading the titles will provide the college bound student/family a track to run on.

What Members Receive

Monthly What To Do College Homework List

Get the ball rolling as early as August of your child’s Freshman year in High School.

Info – Question & Answer Format

Created by the users, questions will be listed and recorded answers link to the question asked.

Monthly Major Topic Discussion

Created by our panel of experts, the topics cover in chronological order major college-bound issues with a focus on all things academic, social or financial in scope.

On-Demand Outlines

Notes pertaining to the content of each teleconference.


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