Tracy Coffin

Education Consultant & LD Advocate

Tracy Coffin is an Independent Education Consultant and a certified LD Advocate with a Master’s Certificate in College Admissions Counseling from UCLA. Her company, 504U, specializes in helping students with dyslexia and ADHD navigate the college admissions process. She tours over twenty campuses each year and has helped dozens of students find the right college fit and make a successful transition into college life.

But for Tracy it’s not just business; it’s also personal. She has dyslexia, her husband and two older kids have ADHD, and her youngest daughter got the double whammy – dyslexia and ADHD. Tracy and her family had to learn the hard way how to cope, compensate, avoid the pitfalls, and discover the hidden advantages learning differences can provide. Today she has three happy, healthy, successful kids, and wants to put those hard earned skills to work for others.

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