Chuck Moore

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Chuck Moore

President & Founder of the
Educational Literacy and the Student
Athletic Centers

Chuck Moore is the president and founder of the Educational Literacy and the Student Athletic Centers (educational programs) in Kentucky.

Chuck is a Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Athletic Marketing Consultant and Certified Athletic Financial Consultant.

Over the last 35 years, Chuck has helped hundreds of families in the area of college financial literacy and athletic marketing issues.

He has been approved to conduct EILA (professional development courses) to all guidance counselors, principals, athletic directors and school administrators in the state of Kentucky since 1996. These same professional development courses are also approved in the states of South Carolina and Indiana.   In 2011, Chuck was invited to be a participating partner in the Berea College GearUp Program.  This 7 year program provides financial and college literacy issues for 15 school districts in eastern Kentucky.

Chuck has appeared on local and national radio and TV and has been interviewed and published by local/national media organizations.  The National Association of EA (IRS Enrolled Agents) published a lead article in their national magazine (EA Journal) in their January and February 2007 Issue (“Are Scholarships and Grants Taxable or Tax Free”)

Chuck provides financial educational programs and consulting to assist and educate families of college bound students, CPAs, Athletic Directors, Athletic Coaches and other financial professionals.  He also provides college financial literacy assistance to employees of corporations and hospitals on addressing college affordability issues on a personal standpoint.

Chuck has trained CPAs, past college athletes, past/present high school/college coaches, realtors, mortgage brokers and financial consultants on college financial literacy and athletic marketing issues across the United State.

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