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Al Hoffman

Director of the College Funding Service Center

The College Funding Service Center (CFSC) was started on September 26th 2001 by Al Hoffman. Prior to September of 2001 Al had four years of experience in helping a student/family navigate the college bound process. Al’s mission statement was simple. Help students get into college. He started out in a home office by himself. The College Funding Service Center now has seventeen employees and nine additional counselors that assist the college process. Since the beginning Al and the team of servicers and counselors has helped over 20,000 families on the college process. Each year the servicing of the college process evolved. Many new proprietary programs have been added to give the student/family the peace of mind they have made the right decision. The theme now is to help a student/family find a college that “FITS” the student academically, socially and the family financially. The CFSC systems have been designed for scalable growth due to the procedural style of training using spaced repetition and hands on training developed by Al. The redundant systems in the servicing site allow for a high degree of assurance of a quality product. The CFSC is well respected in the college process industry.

Al was in the U.S. Navy Submarine program in the late 70s. He believes part of the success in college servicing is the military style procedural part he brought to the table when he first started. There was a period of time in sales which brought the service part of his vision for the CFSC to the table. The counselor aptitude has evolved as well as he gave back to the community with outside activities. Al was one of four original founding members of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG). He was the NCAG’s first president. Al is still a member of the NCAG board, executive committee and the committee chair of the NCAG’s Certification program and knowledge bank. The NCAG is a 501 C.3 non-profit organization established in the state of New York. The NCAG has dedicated itself to be a source of knowledge for financial or academic college counselors and the public at large for all things related to the college process. Al has lecture spoke at the IECA, HECA, NICCP, and NCAG Conferences at various times on college affordability and issues related to the FAFSA and CSS Profile.

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